luciano chinese

Painter – Italian


luciano chinese

Luciano Chinese was born in Friuli in 1942. At the age of thirteen he moved to Venice where he  attended the State Art Lyceum. He then studied Architecture at the University of Ca’ Pesaro, among his professors Carlo Scarpa and Bruno Zevi. In this period he also met Mario Botta, as students they’ve been in thr same work group for a while. Chinese then attended some classes held by Emilio Vedova in Salzburg.

His precocious vocation for painting convinced him to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, under the guidance of the maestro Bruno Saetti. While studying in Venice he came into direct contact with the local intellectual groups and made the acquaintance of important Italian and foreign personalities. At that time, the city was enjoying a period of great transformation; the international importance of the renowned cultural centres such as the Biennale and the Giorgio Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio, which periodically held major events, attracted the greatest protagonists in the world of philosophy, science, literature, music and the visual arts.

In his paintings Chinese attempts to blend figurative elements and geometric solutions, associating immediate stimuli taken from reality with formal neo-constructivist analysis.

In 1967 Chinese opened in Venice an art gallery called Nuovo Spazio (new space), there he was regularly visited by renowned writers and critics such as Pallucchini, Marchiori, Apollonio and Mazzariol and periodically even visited by Ezra Pound. The gallery also hosted works by members of the “Optical and Programmed Art”, as well as products of new tendencies in women’s creative research.

Works by Chinese have been exhibited in several international art museums.