Ugo Giletta

Painter, Videomaker – Italian


ugo giletta

Born 1957 in San Firmino di Revello (Cuneo, Italy).

Ugo Giletta started practicing art at a very young age. His first experiences with drawing and painting were self-taught. Growing up, his love for art led him to travel throughout Europe and the United States. This long and intense period of research was marked by experimentation with several artistic techniques, including figurative and informal painting, sculpture, installation and finally video.

Giletta began exhibiting in the Eighties. The search for lightness in Giletta is a constant feature. The passage from figurative to informal was prepared by an expressionist training. Ugo Giletta has slowly driven his research to the depth of inwardness, through the abstract forms of a figureless corporeity.

More recently Giletta has focused on a new series of works, mainly centred on a passionate research on the subject of the face, caught in small or large paintings realized through the use of a light and a suggestive watercolour technique.

In the last years Ugo Giletta has devoted himself to a research focused on the theme of identity, creating watercolour paintings of bodies and faces in small and large format, along with sculptures and videos.

Ugo Giletta lives and works in San Firmino di Revello (Cuneo, Italy).