Robert Gligorov

Digital artist, Installation artist, Painter, Photographer, Videomaker – Macedonian


robert gligorov

Robert Gligorov (1959, Kriva Palanca, Republic of Macedonia), is primarily known for his photographs, which have been widely exhibited in Europe. Gligorov is attuned to the idea of performance and high-impact commercial images; his photographs are always arresting, sometimes shocking, using unexpected combinations of human, animal and vegetable life to explore sexuality and identity. He also works with video and installations. He lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Gligorov's work attempts to shock the viewer. Each piece tantalizes the imagination, awakening it from a state of lethargy. Confronting a society accustomed to sophisticated and extreme forms of visual communication, Gligorov amplifies the shock value of his work in order to compete with the deluge of images that cloud our visual field.

“His works seem to be crossed by an ”unconventional appropriation” and manipulation of the electronic and mass-media culture. But Gligorov’s work appears to be influenced not only by different modern communication media (television, advertisement, cinema, etc.): it inevitably tries to reach the highest technical perfection levels: it’s a kind of “praise of appearance”, marvellous, surprising”.
“The photographic computer processed images introduce a body affected by the outside like a virus altering physiognomy and skin, exposing the epidermis to constant modification. There is no anger, violence, blood but the disconcerting charm of an infinite metamorphosis enhancing the fragility of the individual”. (L. Meneghelli)