Micha Klein

Digital artist, Photographer, Videomaker – Dutch


micha klein

1964 Born in Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

Micha Klein graduated in 1989 at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam as the first artist to receive a BA in computer-graphics.

Since 1989 Klein, as a fine artist, held exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide showing monumental photo-panels utilizing diverse digital techniques and styles. His digital "paintings" draw attention with their bright colors and smooth surfaces, but show underneath, a unique world with references to art history and pop culture.

In 1998 the Groninger Museum honored Micha Klein with a retrospective of 10 years of his digital art and video.

After that, shows followed in London, Tokyo, Milan and San Francisco.
In 2000 a show at the prestigious Mary Boone Gallery in New York starter his career in the United States. Rapper Eminem went on tour using Klein's notorious character "Pillman" in specially made background projections.

Klein's work is in the collection of the following museums: LACMA Los Angeles, Denver Art Museum, Arken Museum Danmark, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Groninger Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam Historical Museum, and in various international corporate and private collections.

Currently in 2012, Klein's work is included in several international museum shows. He is working on his new series of work titled “Club Love International Army”, of which the first pieces have already been shown at Photo London, the Cornice Art Fair at the opening of the 2007 Venice Bienalle, ‘Show Off’ (Paris), Photo Miami, and Art Moscow. Museum shows in Milan, and Florence in cooperation with B&D Gallery (Milan), are in the planning.

Micha Klein has been at the front of the VJ movement since 1988, when he introduced his rhythmic editing of computer graphics and video at warehouse parties, pioneering live VJ'ing as we now know it. He brought the concept to Ibiza (1997) with a residency in Pacha, and has done gigs all over the world from WMF (Berlin), Twilo, Lotus (New York), Crobar, Opium Garden, BED (Miami), to Vertigo (Jakarta). Klein’s 8 hour VJ sets accompanied the first 25.000 people stadium concerts by Ties(phone number hidden)), and his NYE concert at Hollywood Palldium(2005)

In the Netherlands he has won the LSDA "Best VJ Award" for 2 years in a row - and the Gouden Kabouter "Best VJ" for 3 years in a row - both of these prizes are awarded by the Dutch audience.
During AVIT UK (2003) Klein was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the international VJ scene.

With ‘Metadreams’ the software company he founded in 2001, he is creating the interactive media software Videoflux, which he’s using for his performances, and of which the online version has been used for award winning cross-media campaigns by Coca-Cola, and Nokia.

Micha has designed a Swatch artist-watch (1996), and his first Coca-Cola commercial (2003) aired 400 times in the Netherlands, and was used by more then 25 countries worldwide. In 2009 his ‘Nescafe by Micha Klein’ design coffee machine was successfully introduced.

Studio Micha Klein (SMK) is his high end computer design studio which serves international clients like: Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss, Heineken, and Walt Disney.
Hollywood movie projects include 'Around the World in 80 Days' (2004), for which Micha Klein designed the titles and animated transitions, which scored much critical acclaim. and ‘Chuck & Larry’ (2007) that showed Micha’s video projections in one of the scenes.

Micha currently lives and works in Bali.