Ángel Marcos

Photographer, Videomaker – Spanish


angel marcos

Born 1955, Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain.

Ángel Marcos started a san advertising and industrial photographer. His first solo exhibition took place in 1982 at the Siena gallery in Valladolid. However it is only in 1997, working on the project Un viaje por el teatro Calderón that he decided to devote himself to art photography. Since then he has continued exhibiting his work both at international art fairs and national and international art galleries and museums.

Ángel Marcos has chosen the landscape genere as a constant in his artistic research, shooting not only in Spain but also in New York, Cuba, China. In his work the landscape is the main character, while the journey and the dialogue with the territory are recurrent themes.


Hints indicate certain events, objects, or ideas. Often, however, they only make sense to the hint-giver. Regardless, the hint itself generates an idea of what is implied. In their natural form, hints can trigger responses that enable us to re-connect with previous ideas or experiences. In his series, Hints, Ángel Marcos represents what did and didn’t happen, what is or will be happening, and what could have happened.

In sites that resemble temples or natural altars, Marcos installs different evidence of relationships, desires, and realities to tell us stories about memories and their repercussions. He reifies these ideas in objects to convey situations intimately connected with past and present reality. These moments take place in generic but isolated settings and transmit a strong sense of solitude.

Ángel Marcos attempts to penetrate the world of desires by showing how they are often manipulated. In doing so, he creates images that approach a certain magical realism. He appropriates the credibility of photography and uses it to create contrived images. In Hints, Marcos distributes a personal iconography throughout natural spaces according to a relationship with memory. In his compositions, he assertively prompts us to decide what represents and occupies the present, the past, and the future.

The series itself portrays the artist as a well-traveled photographer. In his geographic documentation, we manage to discover new objects and ideas. However, they have been intentionally placed within the compositions as offerings to both our sub- and unconscious minds.