kazumasa mizokami

Sculptor – Japanese


kazumasa mizokami

Born 1958 in Arita, Japan.

Kazumasa Mizokami was born in Arita, Japan, 1958. In 1982 he went to Mexico where he taught sculpture until 1987. The next year he moved to Italy where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Brera in Milan, 1992. Today he lives and works in Milan. The first thing that strikes you with his works is his nature theme. He found color in Mexico and together with nature as his subject and the ways of the world of Italy, Mizokami has put together the fundamentals of life in his works.

Japan is such a modern country and his blending of his eastern background with our western one has brought him back to the land, to work with clay (dirt and water) to express this need to come back to earth. In fact, in the Japanese culture they see the figure of a rabbit in the shadows of the moon. They see the rabbit grinding rice to make mochi, the traditional New Year rice cake. This rabbit is called tsuki no usagi or, the moon rabbit. Mizokami says mankind has always gazed at the moon with dreaming eyes, imagining the strangest images believing them to be true or trying to discover the secrets of the sky and letting one's imagination run free. Therefore he turns the game around, imagining the Earth viewed from space. Earth seen through Mizokami is reconstructed from an inner gaze or a point of view, which is primarily an interpretation and thus very assertive. He sees the earth as a globe holding the shapes of man and woman and at the center of this is the head of a newborn child. He sees things not for what they are but for what they might be. Something can usually be examined from different perspectives and at times, the less obvious angles can prove to be the most useful.