11.22.03: Patrizia 2003

Price on request
Year 2003
cm 100 x 80
[ inches 39.4 x 31.5 ]

11.22.03: Patrizia    2003
lambda print on plexiglass
unique piece
cm 100 x 80

For the video installation 11.22.03 Masbedo together with Michel Houellebecq have adapted an original dialogue taken from Rester Vivant, an essay published by the author himself in 1997 (Éditions Flammarion, France). The project gets its title from the entire length of the interactive installation. Basically the whole project is structured on a dialogue between two faces: man and woman (the masculine and feminine sides of the same person) who confess themselves as if naked in front of a mirror. Together with the video projections the installation includes an original soundtrack defined by the composers themselves as a technological Requiem mixing classical choruses and synthetic sounds; three white overalls hanged on a wall inside a dark room, on the overalls projections of caressing hands, bacteria and a digital snowfall are performed. The text, played by important theatre actors such as Ramon Tarés (Fura dels Baus, main actor in OBS) and Patrizia Zappa Mulas, has intentionally been translated into Spanish as far as this language is generally considered more violent and full of passion than any other European language. 11.22.03 is about the importance of the structure in a human body which has made its choice: to survive as a living suicide on the bounderies of life. 11.22.03 concerns indifference, disease, lack of love, death; about being base people to be true and about the quest for truth.

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