Augmented Reality App



Download for free the ZooArt Augmented Reality App from your preferred store.
App Store for iOS devices.
Play Store for Android devices.

Set the marker on the wall in the position you would like your artwork to be placed.
Valid markers are 1/10 USD, 10/20 AUD, 5/20 GBP, 10/20 CNY, 10/20 HKD, 10/20 EUR or the ZAmarker that can be downloaded from this link.

Launch the ZooArt Augmented Reality App and point at the marker.
When captured you will see a ZA logo in its place.

Once you have seen the ZA logo in place of the marker you can select your favourite artist by touching the Artists button
Browse the Artists and select the one you like.
You can change your selection at any time by touching again the Artists button.

Once you have selected your favourite artist browse all his artworks by touching the Browse button
You can filter the artworks by size touching the S/M/L buttons.

Once you have selected the artwork you will see it in its real size in place of the marker.

Feel free to select all the artworks you like.
You can also start it again by changing artist and browsing his artworks.

You can take as many pictures as you like.
Pictures will be saved on your device like the ones you usually take.

Please note that you may be asked to allow ZooArt App to use your camera.

Touch the Contact button if you need more info about the artworks you like.