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Selling through ZooArt is easy and, if not sold, we give the opportunity of listing the artworks for free.
ZooArt.co.uk is the perfect choice for a collector, gallery or artist who wants to show and sell his artworks, representing at the same time an efficient marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and negotiate with privacy.

How to start

1. email us one or more images of the artwork/s you want to sell at sell@zooart.co.uk
2. Only clear digital images, without any glass reflection will be accepted. Best if shot on a neutral background.
3. Precise details of the artwork/s such as: Artist, Title, year, technique/media, eventual edition number, dimensions (with no frame), signature, etc. are required
4. Certificate of authenticity
5. Provenance
6. Conditions of the work/s
7. Location of the work/s (city and country)
8. Your contact details (name, email address, phone number)

Artworks selection

After all the information and images of the artwork/s have been received our team will discuss whether to display it on ZooArt or not. The decision will be based on the feedback from our advisory board at ZooArt and very soon after it will be communicated to the seller. All decisions are final.

ZooArt.co.uk will send you an electronic copy of the terms and conditions for sale. Upon these terms and conditions ZooArt will also send a consignment agreement to be returned “read and agreed” by email or fax.

The selling price will be discussed with you considering the current market quotations, after a price is set you will decide whether to publish the price on the website whether to put it “on request”.


As said before listing artwork/s on ZooArt is free until we find a buyer for your artwork/s.
There are two kinds of commissions the first one for private collectors and galleries, the second one for artists.

Seller’s commission
Up to 200.000 euro = 15% on sale price
Above 200.000 euro please contact us

Artist commission
For the artist commission fee please contact us at sell@zooart.co.uk


Our purpose is to create a safe marketplace where people can get in touch and trustworthy finalize their art transactions. To do so we think that learning the terms and conditions will help to reach a successful outcome.

• for a successful transaction we suggest you to include a certificate of authenticity, a bill or details about the provenance of the artwork/s in the description you send.
• ZooArt.co.uk reserves the right to refuse to list work/s on ZooArt
• you can ask to put a work “on hold “ or remove it whenever you want
• as a seller, you agree to be held responsible for the authenticity of the work
• as a seller, you agree to supply correct and detailed information about the artwork/s you want to list (artwork/s details, authenticity, conditions, etc)
• as a seller you agree to have the legal capacity to sell the artwork/s you provide us
• as a seller, you agree to pay the agreed commission fee to ZooArt once a transaction is completed (once an artwork is sold)
• as a seller, you have an agreement and a contract with the buyer not with ZooArt
• as a buyer, you have an agreement and a contract with the seller, not with ZooArt
• as a seller, you agree with the general terms and conditions of ZooArt
• as a buyer, you agree with the general terms and conditions of ZooArt.